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You are My Spring: A healing romantic drama to binge

You are My Spring:

Spring is a beautiful season….flowers, trees, wind…everything is perfect about it. What if there is a person who makes you feel like spring all the time? You are my spring is the story of two people who get involved in each other’s lives only to realize how much they are meant for each other. There’s more ahead….


Romance, thriller, mystery, comedy


You are My Spring:

Seo Hyun Jin (Dr. Romantic 1), Kim Dong Wook (Find Me In Your Memory), Park Yoon, Kim Ye Won, Nam Gyu Ri, and many more are there in the lineup.


You are My Spring:

Kang Da Jeong is a hotel concierge who lives in the rooftop house of the building, owned by her friend Park Eun Ha and her twin brother who runs a cafe on the ground floor. She had a traumatic childhood because of her father who used to abuse her mother. Her mother escaped with her and her younger brother and she still remembers it all. She has a bad relationship track record, constantly getting attracted to people who are walking red flags and taking it upon herself, the responsibility to change them. 

In the same building, Ju Yeong Do, a psychiatrist, runs his clinic. He has a straightforward personality that offends Kang Da Jeong initially. He analyses her character very accurately the very first time he meets her, making her irritated. He is a divorcee and his ex-wife is a famous actress, Ahn Ga Young. He has heart disease because of which he received a transplant from a police officer, whose death, he still investigates.

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Chae Jun is a businessman who likes Kang Da Jeong and follows her around. She too eventually starts to reciprocate his feelings when he suddenly commits suicide. The only suicide note he left is for her and the only witness to the suicide is Ju Yeong Do. Thus, their lives get entangled and they are slowly drawn to each other, opening up their hearts and loving themselves for who they are. Things get even more complicated when a surgeon who looks exactly like Chae Jun appears and slowly, the strings of their pasts which are intertwined start opening up. 


It has 16 episodes with a duration of 50 minutes to 1 hour.


You are My Spring:

This is a healing drama. All three major characters in the story are connected through their past. They all have painful scars that they have hidden from everyone around them. As the story progresses, we see them opening up to each other, getting rid of the pain and burden rather than trying to live with it. 

They all have met in the past, in their worst times. But, it shows how a small gesture of kindness from one person can put a huge impact on one person’s life. 

At the end of the story, everyone gets their happy ending. Be it Kang Da Jeong, Ju Yeong Do, or Ian Chase, all receive their share of happiness by the end. Still, Chae Jun’s death leaves an ache in our hearts as we walk away from this story. As Yeong Do says in the end, “The fact that I’m breathing is enough proof that I’m doing well despite not shining brightly all the time.”


You are My Spring:

There are many characters in the story who all have their struggles. Be it, Lee Eun Ha who is still not over her past relationship, or Ahn Ga Young who had once decided to die because of her life. Everyone has a story and each of them is portrayed beautifully. As both Eun Ha and Ga Young find their true love, we realize that no pain is permanent. There’s nothing that time cannot subside.

The friendship between Da Jeong and Eun Ha is beautiful…and when Ga Young joins, it becomes an amazing trio of girls. 

Da Jeong’s mother is the strongest and coolest woman you’ll ever see in a k drama. Not every mother can raise such amazing children. Towards the last episodes, you’ll see a lot from her brother which I’m sure, will surely surprise you.


The story has a lot of elements of thrill. The twists and turns are going to blow up your minds. 


You are My Spring:

The original soundtrack of the series is the best. These tracks match the situations perfectly and I bet you’ll love the background scores.

● Cliche by Kwon Soon Kwan

● Me so bad by Yoari

● In Ruin by Raiden 

are just some of them.


7.4/10 IMDb

8.1/10 MyDramaList


Netflix, Hi Tv, and many other apps.


You are My Spring

You are My Spring is one of the best dramas in 2021 and believe me, you never want to miss it. If you don’t trust me, try watching the first episode…. you’ll binge-watch till the sixteenth. Happy watching…

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