Review: GO AHEAD – An Emotional Rollercoaster

go ahead
Go Ahead

This series was a hit and acknowledged by the audiences for its familial theme. Go Ahead is the most fluctuating emotional drama I’ve ever seen. In Asia, the drama was a huge hit and received generally positive reviews internationally.


 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster
Go Ahead

Initially, it seems like a bittersweet story of three blood-unrelated kids who just involve in each other’s life. A girl Li Jianjian who is mischievous and chatty lives with her father Li Haichao alone who is a restaurant owner and his brother He Ziqiu who is not blood-related but starts living with them as his mother left him with her father.

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Another boy Ling Xiao lives in the upstairs flat in the same building as Li Jianjian. His father Ling Heping is a policeman so he doesn’t have much time to spend with his son but supports his family a lot. His mother divorced him and left them on their own. Both the fathers become good friends irrelevant of their situations. It’s more or less like a real family. They spent their childhood together and also high school life.

 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster
Go Ahead

As adulthood reached, He Ziqiu start living with his biological father abroad and Ling Xiao start living with his biological mother due to some circumstances which lead to a communication gap between them.

After coming back from abroad they both try to live their life with her just like before. But somehow it’s become more awkward rather than comfortable as they were before. Still, whether they cry, smile or fight they all do it together and always have each other back in different situations.

Main Characters

 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster
Go Ahead

Tan Songyun as Li Jianjian

Little Chatty mischievous girl who becomes a wooden artist. She falls in love with Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu was always like a brother to her.

Song Weilong as Ling Xiao

Introvert and dentist. Always take care of Li Jianjian and all the family members. He start living with his biological mother because she suffered from an accident and couldn’t walk for a long time. To take care of his stepsister and mother he starts studying in Singapore. He always wants to become a dentist because Li Jianjian is afraid of going to the dentist.

Zhang Xincheng as He Ziqiu

Stepbrother of Li Jianjian who becomes a pastry chef and opens his café. He starts living with his biological father because he starts hurting Li Jianjian and his father. He went there but left his biological father’s house and start living on his own. He starts doing part-time jobs to pay off his fees and to cover his expenses. He dreams to become a pastry chef as Li Jianjian loves to eat sweet things.

Supporting Characters

 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster
Go Ahead

Tu Songyan as Li Haichao

Father of Li Jianjian who owns a restaurant. He always feeds his children delicious food and takes care of them. He is like a mother to his family.

Zhang Xilin as Ling Heping

Father of Ling Xiao who is a policeman. He always works but has dinner together with the family. He shared his income with Li Haichao as he take care of the household things. He always appreciates his son and is proud of him.

He Ruixian as Tang Can

Friend of Li Jianjian from high school and a roommate also. She was a celebrity in high school but had to leave the job due to her studies. She starts working as a freelancer actor but later becomes a guide at a museum.

Sun Yi as Qi Mingyue

Also, a high school friend of Li Jianjian has a crush on Ling Xiao. She’s a reporter and stays connected with Ling Xiao after leaving for Singapore. She gives him information about the Jianjian from time to time.


Go Ahead

This series is like a roller coaster. At one point everybody is happy and at another point everyone is sad. All three characters have their own story full of happy and sad moments. As a family how they fought for their happiness and all the sacrifices they’ve made. It’s commendable. I’ve watched it about 3-4 times.

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 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster
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 | Review: GO AHEAD - An Emotional Rollercoaster