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Review: Cherry Blossoms After Winter (Korean BL Drama)


Overview and Plot of the drama

Cherry Blossoms After Winter drama is based on the BL webtoon written by “BamWoo”.The story is about Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong. Because of death of Haebom’s parents, he is adopted by Tae Seong’s family. Both Haebom and TaeSeong were of the same age.Hae Bom always considered Tae Seong as a person who is perfect. Handsome,caring,affectionate,popular at school and what not. He was always indebted to Eun sun (Tae Seong’s mom) for bringing him into their family and taking care of him.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Both Hae Bom and Tae Seong end up in the same class in high school. Hae Bom usually got bullied and mistreated because of his naïve and innocent nature by some of his classmates. Tae Seong notices this happening repeatedly. At home, Eun sun (Tae Seong’s mom) asks him to take care of Hae Bom since they are in the same class now. Tae Seong couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out the time he saw Hae Bom leaving the room crying after being hit. He started taking care of Hae Bom at school,started eating lunch with him.

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As they spend more time together, they find each other’s company to be comfortable and memorable. On the camping trip, Tae Seong told his friend that he has feelings for Hae Bom and ignored him all these years because he had been developing feelings for Hae Bom. At first, Hae Bom was shocked at Tae Seong’s confession. Also, he kept avoiding Tae Seong whenever he asked anything about it.But slowly Hae Bom found himself liking Tae Seong. Both Tae Seong and Hae Bom moved out to a new house and started living together. They started becoming closer than before. Their friends loved the relation of Hae Bom and Tae Seong.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

One day on Hae Bom’s birthday, Eun Sun (Tae Seong’s mother) came by with a cake for both of them, but was shocked at what she saw. Hae Bom and Tae Seong kissed and hugged in front of the house. Shocked, Eun sun went back home deeply thinking what she saw was real or a thing that was just between friends. Learning upon the truth she was not at all accepting them to be together.

She talked to Tae Seong that they will receive prejudices from the society if they become a couple. She also told they might be excluded from the society being a gay couple. She tries to change Hae Bom’s mind too. Hae Bom explains her that his feelings are real and reciprocated to how Tae Seong loves him. At the end, she accepts them as they are and decides to support them. The drama ends with both of them being successful and exchanging couple rings.

Main Cast

Cherry Blossoms After Winter
  • Ok Jin Uk as Hae Bom
  • Kang Hee as Tae Seong

Other Supporting Cast

Cherry Blossoms After Winter
  • Lee Hyun Kyung as Ha Eun Sun (Tae Seong’s mother)
  • Cha Gun as Yong Hee (Friend)
  • Jo Hyun as Nam Ji Ah (Friend)


It has a 7.7 IMDb rating and aired on February 2022.A webtoon based drama which consists of 8 episodes and is considered to be one of the best high school, teen BL romance.

Ending Notes

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

The chemistry between the main couple is really good and the friendships were well portrayed. As many webtoons and manga are being now brought into dramas, this was also a good drama worth binge watching.8 episodes 20minute each swept away like seconds. The story still remains fresh in my mind even though I saw this when it was ongoing and it’s been months now. Strongly recommend you to see this teen webtoon based drama, you are going to love it!

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