Check Out “The Circumstances Of Pungdeok Villa Room 304” An Upcoming BL K-drama

Fans of Kissable Lips will be thrilled to hear that Kim Jiwoong and Yoon Seonbin are making a comeback! The Circumstances of Pungdeok Villa Room 304 (Pungdeok Billa 304 Hu-e Sajeong in Korean) is an adaptation of Blue Code’s novel. The series will consist of eight episodes, each lasting 25 minutes. The dates aren’t fixed in stone yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they are!


Ji Hojun, a careless chaebol and heir to the Geumman Group, is booted out of his house by his father and forced to fend for himself after being given an ultimatum. He won’t be able to return until he can live independently and manage the role of team leader for Geumman Group’s new business team. So he relocates to Pungdeok Villa, where the owner, Seo Jaeyoon, dismisses him as a destitute, pampered child and ignores him until fate brings them together as team leader and subordinate at the same workplace.


Keep watching BL. We will bring you further updates about “The Circumstances Of Pungdeok Villa Room 304” as soon as more updates are available.

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