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10 Thai BL’s with Mature Themes You Might Be Looking For!

BL's with Mature Themes

The Boys Love genre is hugely popular in Thailand, with a large number of Thai BL dramas being produced. Thailand has embraced BL with great enthusiasm and the popularity of Thai BL dramas has spread worldwide. If you are looking for BL’s with Mature Themes, you are in right place.

If you’re a BL fan, you should watch a couple of Thai BL series. The fans are friendly and passionate, and they really love BL. From an anthropological perspective, these Thai BL dramas created a cultural phenomenon that I don’t think any other TV genre has achieved.

Without going any further, let’s start with some matured themed BL Thai drama. Some of you might have watched, those who haven’t, this article is especially for you.

1. Don’t Say No: The series

BL's with Mature Themes

“If I am that right person for you then from now on, you can’t say no to me.”

From friends to lovers – how will this relationship go? One is a good guy, but the other one is a bad boy. Can a bad boy be turned into a lover?

This series is adapted from the novel “Don’t Say No When Hearts Are Close” by Mame.

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2. Together with Me

BL's with Mature Themes

This story is set before the events of “Bad Romance: The Series.”

Childhood friends Korn and Knock reunite in college and their relationship quickly becomes complicated after a night of passionate sex. Knock has a girlfriend but at the same time he has mixed feelings for Korn.

Korn loves Knock but he is doing his best to keep his friend happy and safe from any potential backlash from society. How will they learn to express their feelings for each other? Will they date?

3. Together with Me: The Next Chapter

10 Thai BL's with Mature Themes You Might Be Looking For! THE DRAMA PARADISE

After the series “Together With Me” and “Bad Romance”, Knock and Korn’s story continues.

Three years into their relationship, Knock and Korn’s bond is put to the test as they face pressure from outsiders trying to break them up. Korn also struggles with coming out to his family, which puts additional strain on their relationship. With so many obstacles in their way, will Knock and Korn be able to stay together?

4. Tharn Type

BL's with Mature Themes

Type is a freshman who seems like a warm person, but he’s homophobic because of what happened in his childhood. His freshman life turns upside down when he gets a roommate, Tharn.

What can possibly be the outcome of their story?

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5. TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love

BL's with Mature Themes

Type and Tharn have been together for seven years, and they’re both enjoying their mostly harmonious life. They do still bicker, and they meet up with university friends occasionally. Now that they’re both working adults, Type and Tharn face some difficult issues.

They’re learning that life isn’t always just flowers and candy. Can they overcome their challenges or will they be defeated by them?

6. Why R U?

BL's with Mature Themes

Tutor is said to be very wise for his age, and he usually acts rationally. Fighter, on the other hand, is very emotional. Even though they started off not getting along very well, they developed a close relationship soon after.

The show essentially follows the evolution of 2 young gay couples, as well as several other subordinate ones too. Tutor & Fighter, as well as Saifah & Zon, drive the narrative forward for the first half of the show. However, in the second half of the season, it becomes clear that Tutor & Fighter are the real fan favorites.

7. Manner of Death

BL's with Mature Themes

The Manner of Death series has a suspenseful plot with mind-blowing twists and turns that make the story interesting while keeping you emotionally invested in every character.

What makes this series extraordinary is the chemistry not just between the lead characters but also between the supporting actors and actresses, who give great performances in their roles.

8. Check Out

BL's with Mature Themes

Nine and Daonuea are both solo travelers. Nine is traveling after breaking up with his girlfriend, and Daonuea is traveling after a disappointment in love. They accidentally find themselves sharing adjoining rooms, and they gradually get to know each other.

For a mature drama with a lot of angst, be sure to watch check out The Series on iQiyi.

9. Love by Chance

BL's with Mature Themes

Pete falls in love with Ae, who becomes his friend and protector. Ae has never fallen for anyone before and is navigating his new emotions.

Tin, who comes from a wealthy background, has a few encounters with Can, who he sees as being lower in status.

In this series, Pete doesn’t want Ae to experience the pain of ridicule for dating a man, so he suppresses his own feelings. However, Pete falls more and more in love with the kind-hearted boy on the bike, who once hit him by chance.

10. KinnPorsche

BL's with Mature Themes

Kinn Theerapanyakul, the second son of a Mafia boss, is on the run from some enemies. He meets Porsche, a bartender with a head for business. Porsche agrees to help defend Kinn for a price.

It’s not always easy to make the transition into a job that’s outside the norm, and can be quite violent. Kinn’s relationship with the protagonist is strained at best, but occasionally playful. Things become even more complicated and dangerous when his feelings for Kinn take an unexpected turn.

To be honest, KinnPorsche will always be remembered for making BL dramas better. The great production value, amazing footage, and perfect cast have set a standard that will be hard to match or improve in the future!

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Final Thoughts

10 Thai BL's with Mature Themes You Might Be Looking For! THE DRAMA PARADISE

There are a lot of BL dramas produced in Thailand every year, so there’s a huge selection to choose from. Thai BL series usually have long episodes and huge casts, so there’s a lot more content than in other countries.

The hardest part may be keeping up with all the new dramas and series that are coming out, but that’s not a big problem for the most passionate BL fans!

For more BL content keep an eye on this space for more updates and recommendations.

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