Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

It’s not like any other BL in which the story goes as they meet, then fight and then become a lover, or not like childhood friends become lovers. It’s the most what should I say eco-friendly BL.

I’ve watched a lot of BLs but Papa and Daddy drama is the most lovely and sweet BL. At first, I didn’t want to watch the second season as it came out after more than a year. But being a drama enthusiast I decided to watch it. But before that, I watched the first season again, and only after that, I could watch it peacefully.

Papa and Daddy – First Season

 | Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

In the first season, the story revolves around a gay couple, Damian and Jerry who lives happily together. They have a kid named Kai. Damian is a restaurant owner and Jei Li (Jerry) is a social media influencer who makes videos about famous restaurants and the special dishes for which they are famous.

They first met during the interview with Damian for Jerry’s new video and then they fell in love at first sight. After having a stable relationship for two years, Damian decided to have a kid because he loves kids and wants to have a family. They decided to have a kid through surrogacy and that’s how Kai enters their life.

 | Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

After Kai entered kindergarten, they had to go through various problems with their peers and parents. The most important thing is how to tell Kai what the ‘mother’ is and how their family is different from others’ families.

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Papa and Daddy – Second Season

 | Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

Jimmy enters their life. He is the son of Damian from his ex-wife. Jerry couldn’t able to accept it as he was shocked and never heard about him from Damian. Jerry went to his hometown with Kai. After 3 months, Damian decides to face Jerry and resolve the situation. When Damian came to his hometown, he lied to Jerry’s parents about Jimmy. Kai becomes friendly with Jimmy as they are compatible with each other.

Jimmy has grown up in a foreign country so he does not speak Chinese frequently but still, they could understand each other. After resolving the situation, Jerry’s parents want him to have his biological child. Jerry decided to upload videos about their daily life to tell society that their family is as normal as all families are. After the videos were public, Jerry becomes more famous and start to forget about his responsibilities towards his family.

 | Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL

When his parents got to know about the videos from their neighbors, they get angry at him as in their hometown nobody knows about it. Damian loses the investment for his restaurant and even worse Kai got bullied. How Jerry could be able to handle all this and how Damian was able to keep his family intact?


If you are just started to watch BLs, I must recommend you this one as it will be good enough to increase your interest in BLs. There are many more BLs but not this much friendly as it is.

Taiwanese BLs are almost like brother love but this one is more as it is about the family and the community.

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 | Papa and Daddy : A Family Taiwanese BL
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