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Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama)

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

2gether the series which aired at the very beginning of 2020 is a romantic drama starring Bright as Sarawat and Win as Tine. The whole series revolves around the very fact that Tine wanted to get rid of a gay admirer, Green who always followed Tine, and eventually, his friends suggested him to get a fake boyfriend.

Sarawat, being the most admired person in campus was his best ideal option. It takes Tine all sorts of ways to get Sarawat to pretend to be his boyfriend. He kept following Sarawat wherever he went including the bathroom LOL.

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

Sarawat doesn’t give in to Tine for fake dating at the university. But as time goes by, he finally gives in and helps Tine out. During acting in front of Green, both Sarawat and Tine become close to each other. They play guitar together, act lovey Dovey with each other, and spend more time with one another. Over a period, drastic yet slow changes were noticed in their relationship. Hate becomes love, unlikeliness became likeliness, and caring came undoubtedly.

When it comes to love, nothing can match these two sweethearts. As time went by what started as a “fake pretend boyfriend” turns into reality and they are inseparable. For love to come it doesn’t matter how much time we must wait for the perfect person to come into our life. The beauty of love between Sarawat and Tine cannot be just explained in a few words, it is to be seen and felt.

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Main Cast

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn as Tine

Vachirawit Chivaaree as Sarawat

Other supporting Cast

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

There are other supporting casts like Fong, Phukong, Mil, Boss, and Ohm who play a major role in the drama.

Along with the story of Sarawat and Tine, we also see a beautiful relationship between Tine’s as well as Sarawat’s brother towards each other.


Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

The drama is really good and based on acting, it’s on point. There is no awkwardness in the air, as well as every scene, is worth crushing for. Once u end up watching the drama u may start shipping them too… As I said, the impact is huge.


It has got a 7.8/10 rating on IMDb. It also was reported as the most seen Thai drama from the onset of the 2020s to now.

Iconic Lines

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

If u go on watching, you would note some iconic lines after which you may end up laughing. “Can I touch your boobs?”, this is one of the most said dialogues by Sarawat whenever he sees Tine. Another one that you would find swoon-worthy is “Can I kiss you till you drop” this sentence just brings out Tine blushing and cringing away his face. These 2 sentences can be named the most used dialogues from their script whenever they are together.

Personal Opinion

I started watching BL dramas from 2gether, so if you want to begin a drama that is not that long and you are interested in watching romantic comedy college drama, I strongly suggest you watch this!

End Notes

Review: 2gether The Series (Thai BL Drama) THE DRAMA PARADISE

If u loved watching 2gether: The series, don’t worry this is not the end! There is a continuation of the series in Still 2gether. So, following the drama, don’t forget to keep watching if u want to see what happens to their relationship after 10 Years! This doesn’t end here too!

They released 2gether: The movie showing the behind-the-scenes of the whole series including scenes where each Sarawat, as well as Tine’s Pov, are shown!

Hope you all would love watching 2gether! Come back for a review of Still 2gether! This is g3 signing off but will be back with yet another review.

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