Review: The Eighth Sense BL 2023 Series

Review: The Eighth Sense BL 2023 Series

The Eighth Sense Korean BL series tells the emotional story of two university students. The main character, Ji Hyun, moves from a small town to the city to attend university. His life turns out unexpectedly when he meets Jae Won, who has just completed his military service at the university. As they both share a passion for surfing, they quickly become friends and spend time together.

Despite their differences, their shared love for surfing brought them together and helped them form a strong connection. Ji Hyun was grateful for the friendship and support he found in Jae Won, even if there was more beneath the surface.

The Eighth Sense Cast

Oh Jun Taek as Ji Hyun

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Ji Hyun is a first-year art student who shares a dorm room with his childhood friend Joon Pyo. Having moved from a small town to attend university in a big city, Ji Hyun experiences culture shock and struggles to connect with his fellow students. He tends to keep to himself and works part-time as a waiter at a restaurant.

Im Ji Sub as Jae Won

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Jae Won is a final-year business student recently returning from military service. Since his return, he has broken up with his girlfriend, Eun Ji, but she is eager to get back together. Jae Won comes from a wealthy family but is interested in something other than inheriting the family business. Instead, he is the vice president of the university’s surfing club, a position that he takes seriously and enjoys.


No. of Episodes: 10

Aired: March 29, 2023 – April 26, 2023


Sophisticated Narrative with Thought-Provoking Themes

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Unlike other BL dramas that often feature interchangeable romantic comedies, The Eighth Sense’s story exudes a sophisticated vibe. Drawing inspiration from LGBTQ+ media in the West, the series tackles gritty plots with intelligent themes. The BL genre often infantilizes the protagonists to create cute narratives with marketable pairings. However, in contrast, The Eighth Sense allows its characters to behave like authentic young adults who drink, smoke, party, and engage in sexual relationships. They have realistic conversations, relatable aspirations, and raw experiences.

Despite showing immense maturity, The Eighth Sense centres its plot on youth. The protagonist, Ji Hyun, makes a tricky transition from adolescence to adulthood, facing challenges in his journey. He struggles to adjust to city life and shies away from socialization. Over time, Ji Hyun ventures out of his comfort zone, grows more assertive, and liberates himself from insecurities.

The Eighth Sense masterfully portrays his character arc in a triumphant display of storytelling prowess. The writing is brilliant yet subtle, alluding to its thematic ideas without spelling out everything to the viewers.

Nuanced Portrayal of Mental Health

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Another captivating plot in The Eighth Sense is the depiction of mental health troubles. The series introduces Jae Won as a suave heartthrob who makes his love interest swoon. Yet, his confident demeanour masks a storm of inner turmoil. While the story highlights his trauma poignantly, it takes extreme care to convey the sensitive topic with dignity and respect.

From therapy sessions to meaningful dialogue, The Eighth Sense destigmatizes seeking help for mental wellness. This BL drama is commendable because it promotes thoughtful messages beyond just romance.

Perfect Balance of Tone

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Unlike some melodramas, The Eighth Sense doesn’t dwell on agony. Although several storylines are angsty, the series balances its heavy tone with lighthearted wit and snappy banter. The lively supporting cast brings much levity between solemn moments. Ae Ri, Joon Pyo, and many others have spunky personalities that will make you laugh.

With that said, the antagonists seem like caricatures. Jae Won’s ex-girlfriend and best friend create contrived conflicts for the sake of the plot. Nonetheless, each character is memorable and makes lasting impressions.

Compelling Relationship Drama

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The Eighth Sense approaches its relationship drama compellingly. Thanks to the actors’ chemistry, their encounters are dripping with sexual tension and sensual desire. Beyond physical affection, the characters build an emotional connection. We see them bonding, communicating, and understanding each other intimately. If I must nitpick, Ji Hyun and Jae Won are not among my favourite BL couples. As the series develops multiple complex storylines, several episodes are devoid of romance. The finale compensates by including plenty of tender moments and flirty exchanges.

Outstanding Acting and Artistry

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Both leads, Oh Jun Taek and Im Ji Sub, handle their roles gracefully. They make their characters seem genuine, vulnerable, and effortlessly charming. In addition, the series exhibits a cinematic flair. Its artistic scene composition, symbolic use of colours, and majestic soundtrack produce a mesmerizing ambience. From the spectacular visuals to the sentimental narrative, singing praises for this series leaves me breathless.

The Eighth Sense Review

 | Review: The Eighth Sense BL 2023 Series

The Eighth Sense takes a refreshing approach to the BL genre, breaking free from the typical romantic comedy formula. The show’s creators explore a more mature, gritty side of LGBTQ+ relationships, portraying their characters as authentic young adults with relatable aspirations, flaws, and experiences.

One of the most impressive aspects of the series is how it delicately handles sensitive topics like mental health. Through Jae Won’s character, the show depicts the struggles of dealing with inner turmoil and the importance of seeking help. The series delivers powerful messages addressing mental wellness, providing thoughtful and respectful representation of these issues.

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The relationship drama in The Eighth Sense is also handled compellingly. The actors’ chemistry and skilful performances bring their characters to life, creating an emotional and sensual connection that feels genuine and intimate. However, the series is not solely focused on romance, as it features multiple complex storylines that showcase the protagonists’ individual growth and struggles.

Oh Jun Taek and Im Ji Sub both deliver fantastic performances, bringing depth and nuance to their roles as the series’ lead characters. In addition, the show’s cinematic flair elevates the narrative, making for a visually stunning and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

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The actors who play the main characters in The Eighth Sense, Oh Jun Taek and Im Ji Sub, deliver their roles gracefully and skillfully. They portray their characters’ personalities and vulnerabilities authentically and captivatingly, drawing viewers in. Moreover, the series showcases a cinematic flair that will enchant audiences. The carefully composed scenes, symbolic colours, and majestic soundtrack contribute to an immersive and mesmerizing atmosphere.

With its exceptional visuals and emotional storytelling, The Eighth Sense stands out as a masterpiece in the BL genre. It offers a fresh and sophisticated take on stylish and sensational romance, leaving a profound impact on viewers—no wonder this series has gained a dedicated fan following and critical acclaim for its excellence.

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Overall, The Eighth Sense is a standout entry in the BL genre, setting a new standard for excellence in storytelling and representation. It is a sophisticated and deeply moving series that explores complex themes with intelligence, sensitivity, and sincerity. Anyone who enjoys character-driven dramas with rich emotional depth and cinematic artistry will find much to appreciate in this masterful work.

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 | Review: The Eighth Sense BL 2023 Series
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