Review: Rookie Cops – A youthful college drama

 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
Rookie Cops

College dramas are a bliss. The romance, the friendship, the conflicts…what if all of that is accompanied by some investigation drama and thrill? Sounds interesting? Well, here’s a nice viewing option for you, Rookie Cops.

It is the story of a group of students in their 20s who get admitted to one of the most prestigious institutes in South Korea, KNPU.


Romance, youth, drama


 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
Rookie Cops

It stars Chae Soo Bin,the beauty who stole our hearts as a robot in I am Not A Robot and  the South Korean heartthrob, Kang Daniel as the main leads.

 It also stars Park Yoo Na from True Beauty, Lee Shin Young from Crash Landing On You, Kim Woo Seok from A piece of Your Mind, Park Sung Joon from Run On, Min Do Hee from Reply 1994,and Cheon Young Min in lead roles.

Kim Kwon plays the main antagonist in the drama.


 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
Rookie Cops

 Ko Eun Kang dreams of getting into the KNPU because of her crush. She is the younger daughter of her family and has a bubbly and cheerful personality. Though she doesn’t get admitted at first, luck favors her and she enters the university as an extra student. She is kind and can’t stand injustice. This nature leads to her protesting against the harsh training system in the university which eventually leads to the abolishment of the system.

Wi Sung Hyun is the son of the Police Chief and his goal is to become an officer like his father. He even drops out of medical school to enter KNPU and scores the highest score in the entrance tests. He meets Ko Eun Kang for the first time because of his friend who got dumped by her sister. Though they clash with each other in their first meeting, their relationship blossoms into a good friendship as he helps and motivates her to fight against an unjust accusation on her and in questioning the training system. Eventually, they grow closer and fall in love.

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At college, they meet Kim Tak, Yoo Dae Il, Shin A Ri, Gi Hanna, Seo Beom Joo and Woo Joo Young and they form an unbreakable friendship. How they play a crucial part in changing KNPU and uncover several corruptions forms the rest of the story.

Kim Kwon’s Jo Han Sol is a creepy and hateful villain you’ll surely want to destroy in your mind.


It is rated 7.4/10 in IMDb and

8.3/10 in MyDramaList .


 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
Rookie Cops

The two main romantic tracks are of Wi Sung Hyun and Ko Eun Kang and of Kim Tak and Shin A Ri. The former is cute, mature and bubbly. The chemistry between Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin works out pretty well and there are not much conflicts either. The transition from friendship to romance is quite smooth that sometimes, it gives you butterflies.

The second couple have more like a shy beginning as initially, they are having a crush on each other. The cute jealous moments of them are an extra gift.

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A squad of friends is always blissful. The mischief, the fun and the fights, all are beautifully portrayed. The way they come together to solve various problems and the jokes arising from their interactions will surely keep you hooked.


The OST (original soundtrack) is soothing and compliment the story well. The opening track is sung by Janet Suhn and Kim Kyung Hee. Other OSTs include

  • Police class by LUCY
  • My Sunlight by Ha Hyun Sang
  • TIME by Kwon Eun Bi

and many more…


It has 16 episodes, each being an hour long.


It’s available in Disney+hotstar,Hi tv app and many other online sites and apps.

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 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
Rookie Cops

Rookie cops is a breezy youth drama. It shows how the characters learn to live as they go through various tests of time in their 20s. There are crushes, love, friendship, fights, decision making, seperation and pain in this story…everything that makes our youth beautiful and the most memorable period of our life. So if you know now, what are you waiting for? Go and watch Rookie cops now.

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 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama
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 | Review: Rookie Cops - A youthful college drama