Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)

 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
Tharntype The Series

Overview and Plot of the drama

Tharntype The Series is not just any ordinary BL drama. The story of Tharntype is about Type, a soccer player who was “Homophobic” due to a childhood trauma and Tharn, a handsome guy who was majoring in Music. Tharn was gay and Type who never wants to live with a gay person decides to make Tharn leave the room.

From continuous hardships like ruining Tharn’s workplace including tearing up all his wall posters to ruining his whole bed, Type did everything that could make Tharn angry and make him leave the room himself. But to his surprise, Tharn wouldn’t give up! No matter what Tharn wouldn’t leave the room. Type even tried to swap roommates with the other rooms, but no one offered to swap.

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Days went past and then Type had changes around him. He felt he was not the guy he used to be. Type got into a secret relation with Tharn where both Tharn and Type would take use of each other, in few words “Friends with benefits”. Type never took it as serious as Tharn took it as. Tharn loved Type and took everything seriously.

 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
Tharntype The Series

Everything changed when Type was introduced to a girl in campus and they started going on dates. When Tharn got to know about this he was heartbroken! But as soon as the girl asked Type if he wanted to come upstairs, he couldn’t. He went back to the hostel where he found Tharn in tears, sad. A lot of changes took place between them that now Type is not able to stay away from Tharn anymore.

It was not the same as it used to be. Both Tharn and Type became close, they moved out of the dorms and started living together! At times they break up due to certain misunderstandings between each other, but both of them were brought back together as if it was fate.

Main Cast

 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
Tharntype The Series

Mew SupasitJongcheevat aka Mew as Tharn

Golf Kanawut Traipipattanapong aka Golf as Type

Other Supporting Cast

 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
Tharntype The Series

If there was a way to mention the whole cast that would have been better. Seriously talking but apart from the main leads, the whole team of supporting cast must be mentioned. Each and every person, even the person playing a minor role builds up the whole drama.

The relationship between Tharn and his family, the way Type’s friends take care of him, each and every cast made the drama the best to the point where no one feels its incomplete.


On the other hand, there are things that we can note from the drama, which actually shouldn’t be happening in real life to any person. For instance, Type was homophobic because of his childhood trauma. He was molested when he was a child and now even though he grew up, he still gets nightmares.

Focusing on the fact that he is mentally not stable with being close to guys, Tharn kisses Type without permission when Type was sleeping after he was drunk. Kissing a person without the person’s knowledge in this case is harsh. He shouldn’t have done that considering the situation of Type.

 Except for this overall the story of Tharn and Type is portrayed really beautifully.

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It has got a 8.1/10 rating on IMDb and the best thing about the series is the OST. The OST “Be Mine” caught the hearts of all viewers and it was this song which made people rewatch Tharntype again and relive their moments.

Ending Notes

 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
Tharntype The Series

Tharntype lovers, my friends if u finish watching Tharntype now there is Tharntype : 7 years later which showcases the life of Tharn and Type 7 years later, the hardships and changes they face around them. Even after watching the whole series, you still are reminded of them from time to time. The fancams and the promotional videos on youtube are chef’s kiss! The interactions between them, no awkwardness and the feelings they express to each other makes you go awww.

Tharntype : 7 years later review coming soon <3 Stay tuned my lovelies !

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 | Review: Tharntype The Series (Thai BL Drama)
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